Peeta was a popular interpretation from post-hijack, post-conflict Peeta in lot of “post-MJ” fanfics

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I believe it is a little probable, in reality, given the way the Mellarks’ earliest child is simply too dated on the reaping, and hence no less than three years avove the age of Peeta, in the event one another groups of moms and dads (the brand new Everdeens additionally the Mellarks) seem to be inside the exact same age. But though he had been stressed to the marriage due to maternity, that’s away from the sort of setup wedding where he failed to even see their particular up until the day of the wedding.

In the event the he was so concerned with squad players who however before ignored given that just thaiflirting recenzije “guards”, why must the guy risk the life span of someone he in reality likes?

6. Fanon: When Peeta has actually a flashback, he experience what you the guy did while in the his first bout of tracker jacker venom induced psychosis…in addition to their homicidal thoughts and you can conclusion to your Katniss.

JekyllandHyde! But regardless if little in canon specifically rules Out it possibility, I believe you to Peeta’s data recovery by the point the guy returns so you can D12 is meant to be much more state-of-the-art than just so it. Note that the guy tells Katniss one Dr. Aurelius failed to let him get back earlier. Now, Dr. A’s stability since a doctor could be somewhat dubious, but Sc doesn’t represent him given that an entire quack, either. I think she intended for an individual to find out that Peeta got stated by the a simple yet effective mental health elite, to no more become a threat in order to neighborhood. South carolina, owing to Katniss, refers to “moments” when he handbags the back of a seat through to the flashbacks admission. Minutes. In my opinion, this indicates this type of flashbacks last a couple of minutes at the most. Not times, otherwise weeks, the way some fanfics have it.

Along with, would Peeta really have returned to Katniss’s top, and her bed, in the event that he had one doubts regarding the whether or not it are safe for their own are as much as your? If the he had been extremely having flashbacks conducive your to use so you’re able to choke Katniss once more every week, including specific fanfics have it, do he most allow it to be himself to get anywhere close to their unique, even when Katniss do her best Bella Swan feeling and you can proclaims one to she enjoys him sufficient to deal with the chance he could eliminate her? I just you should never pick this due to the fact consistent with Peeta’s character. Peeta, which cried once unwittingly killing Mitchell, just associate, and asked is murdered given that he feared “It’s only a matter of go out before We eliminate anybody else”.

All this are speculation, needless to say. However, I believe you will need to separate between conjecture and you will facts. (Although, of course, a ol’ South carolina kept numerous ambiguity on the what is Actual or not Actual, in any event.) And additionally, I would choose listen to from you! What are other “fanon” ideas you can remember which might be generally noticed, but aren’t extremely supported by cannon?

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Thanks a lot, thanks for dealing with the fanfic belief that Peeta was not safe for Katniss/their times away from flashbacks article MJ. I believe you have offered a very strong argument that to remain for the character, Peeta would not came back once again to Section twelve when the he believe he had been nonetheless a risk. I admit, I have never ever observed each one of these fanfic impression. Although not, I do believe the one on “every” victor try reached to market their body is common. I go along with your that the undeniable fact that Finnick shares they as volatile wonders form they w asn’t taking place with each Victor. New Game were meant to serve as a note, however, so you’re able to prostitute the new Areas Victors pieces them out-of “honor” and you will exposes the newest black underbelly of your Capitol. Precisely what do your tell the fanfics who wished “more” out-of Effie and you will Haymitch (once the a few)?