They designated 7 boys and you will 9 girls; and therefore much the latest test regarding taking the sexes to each other have proved helpful

Talmage has a category away from six or eight girls that will comprehend with complete confidence

142 142 AMOY. [ Statement, not ever been higher than as the earlier in the day oy seemed to be somewhat unlike the good path on northern part of the new kingdom, and had no spiritual profile any sort of, as the majority of the newest insurgents have been regarding encompassing towns and you can cities mujeres calientes chile, along with been aware of the international teachers, when they became captors of your area, a lot of them resorted into the cities off societal worship and you may heard the fact. Many, and most likely many, who but also for new insurrection would never was brought to the exposure to this new gospel, provides hence read it. The entire course of labor, 011 the new the main missionaries, has been as in former age. And a couple of characteristics at every host to worship, there are conferences for exhortation and you can prayer because of the local brethren towards Sabbath. T w o each week Bible kinds provides afforded possibilities getting instructing many in addition to the regular participants. The assistance held specifically for lady, together with attendance of women 011 the fresh Sabbath, was basically promising. A class of women, several of them sporting glasses regarding ages, have learned to read its vernacular colloquial vocabulary; and you may Mrs. Half dozen individuals was accepted towards the fellowship of the church during the 1853 ; however, around three of your little set of believers had been got rid of by dying. The number of members during the close of the year try twenty-four. He had been thought about not just while the a man off intelligence, an excellent intellectual efforts, and commonsense, however, because the loyal about functions of your own Lord. Their death is sensed as an extreme disorder. Our brethren was in fact much advised by perform of the church members. A number of them, people say, are plentiful during the a work. At the beginning of the season, multiple preaching and you can colporter journeys have been arranged and you can done ; one among this new towns on the fresh isle off Amoy, and two into the town of Chiang-Chiu. On second visit to one to area, these were accompanied by Rev. Mr. Injury, of your English Presbyterian chapel. They discovered far to encourage th em ; plus it are expected that a long-term out-route you are going to soon getting began around. A conference of the chapel try titled in-may, to consider the topic of quickly giving two participants in order to initiate operations. All of the thought that it was time. Five men given on their own towards the performs, truth be told there and you will someplace else; and two (the latest Evangelist therefore the colporter) have been designated to that area ; when you find yourself a couple someone else have been place apart toward area northeast out-of Amoy, to check out the latest villages, know exactly what spaces lived, and discover when it was feasible to ascertain a part-route

Among deceased are new Evangelist, who was killed because of the an excited mob from the Chiang-Chiu, in which he had attended preach the new gospel

143 1854.] AMOY. 143 at town of Choan-Chiu, regarding the fifty kilometers of Amoy. The 2 have been appointed to help you Chiang-Chiu, leftover for that set Will get a dozen. A short time just after the coming, this new insurrection broke in one c ity ; and you can just before hushed are restored, the fresh new Evangelist is slain. T he colporter fled and you will gone back to Amoy. This new disturbed state of the country prevented people who was to look at the villages northern-eastern from entering on their works. These two brethren, it actually was produced in January, have acquired each day and complete occupation throughout the some towns and cities from personal worship into the Amoy, especially in our very own church, that has been open nearly always, away from day till n ig h t; and the brethren try alternatively involved with understanding and expounding portions away from Scripture or tracts, when you look at the exhortation and area delivery. New benefits of the church amounted during the 12 months so you’re able to in the thirty-four dollars. That it share was mainly expended to simply help terrible users, like widows, on whom brand new commotions of the season have forced having higher seriousness. New missionaries nonetheless feel encouraged in regard to the newest em ployment away from a good Romanized colloquial code in printing. Almost every other labors, although not, have not permitted them to go-ahead extremely quickly for the planning courses. The ebook from Ruth might have been released, and you will a part of the Pilgrim s Advances, having reduces clipped from the Amoy by the residents. Into the January, Mr. Talmage met with the gospel off Matthew at hand. CO NCLUSIO Letter. As the foregoing report is actually written, a page could have been acquired regarding Mr. Doty, old April 20, 1854, and this communicates cleverness out-of far attract. A school are open when you look at the ilies of church players, boys and you will girls are united in identical college, and you will within the proper care of a similar teacher. T their is regarded as an experiment out of much advantages, the fresh viewpoints and you will prejudices of one’s Chinese getting most of the against it. T the guy members of this new church, however, got really readily and gladly consented for the bundle. The school is actually taught’ by the a person in the fresh new church, the new missionaries offering it much interest while they were able. In January, urged by the importunity of a single of your own members of the newest chapel who delights this kind of labors, Mr. Injury, of the English Presbyterian objective, already been with this specific and another indigenous cousin on an excellent preaching trip. T hi ran very first to good oy. Right here they were arrested for a few months, night and day carrying forward the term from life in facts interesting. Of a lot