Moses adored his family relations a little publicly plus helplessly

As facts from Holden Caulfield regarding Catcher inside the Rye, Herzog possess various elements one to mean to help you the autobiographical construction

Other signs of existential drama such unreasonable fear and anxiety can also be observed having Holden. When he proposes to Sally Hayes, exactly who the guy doesn’t have any legitimate ideas getting, the guy admits which he feels because if the guy constantly has to get in action; if not, he fears that anything crappy should come. But not, he understands that their measures lack people mental intentions. Which worry that’s because of this new existential dread the guy feel, is additionally found as he seems cold about park. The guy fears he comes with the pneumonia, and then he is about to die: “I leftover worrying that i is taking pneumonia, with the individuals hunks from ice inside my tresses, and i also would pass away”(The new Catcher on the Rye, 1951, 201).

Herzog was composed from inside the 1964, a short while adopting the publication off J.D. Salinger’s Brand new Catcher on the Rye (1951), and it also shows new psychological soul of one’s blog post battle The united states together with info and you can feelings of its publisher. The character Herzog, including the composer of the book, Saul Bellow, lived in Canada, came up regarding a great Jewish history, had multiple marriage ceremonies, and that is a mental that has complications with the newest size society useful link who has arrived at real time automatically without the spiritual viewpoints. That it religious machine could easily be inferred on the certain letters your character Herzog writes to several people on unique also their behavioural feelings towards the specific situations he experiences.

Herzog is an established professor, who comes from a very religious records you to opinions religion and family unit members. However, despite his religious records and his awesome archaic top that dignifies personal affairs, Herzog no longer is able to lay faith and you will family unit members into the the fresh center off their existence. From inside the a page the guy writes to help you God he states: “Exactly how my personal notice has actually struggled and make coherent sense, We have not been too good on it” (Herzog, 1964, 325, italics brand-new). His Jewish supply is an important motif on novel and you can will bring crucial clues towards the internal disputes he’s. The guy appear to ponders their early in the day and his awesome loved ones while the a great treatment for escape from brand new despair that encompasses him. This paradoxical element of Herzog’s mind could well be depicted with the sentences:

His cousin Willy, his brother Helen, perhaps the cousins. It had been childish away from him; the guy understood one to. He could only attention at themselves, the guy are thus undeveloped thereon high side of their nature. He either attempted to think, in the very own words, whether or not this is their archaic factor, prehistoric. Tribal, you understand. In the ancestor worship and totemism (Herzog, 1964, 78).

The current society one to surrenders him are criticized on the following words for ignoring anyone and you can implementing a materialistic look at life.

In the event Moses Herzog’s archaic spirit that thinking nearest and dearest, love, mental dependency, appeal was stated several times on the unique, he’s no further able to pursue this heart for the an excellent business where interactions have more important philosophy than just spiritual

Inside the a community. For the a century. Inside the change. Within the a bulk. Transformed from the technology. Less than organized power. At the mercy of immense control. In a condition triggered mechanized. Following the late failure from significant expectations. From inside the a community which had been zero area and you will devalued the person. Thanks to new multiplied fuel off numbers hence generated care about negligible (Herzog, 1964, 200).